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Should I Still Hire an Attorney if I’m Innocent?

The Torres Law Firm May 24, 2023

Being arrested and accused of a crime is never a pleasant experience, but what can make it even more difficult is if you believe you’re innocent. If this happens, you might be inclined to dismiss the charges, thinking that the simple fact that you didn’t commit the crime will clear your name. However, the verdict in any case should never be assumed, regardless of the accused’s guilt or innocence.  

No matter what, hiring an attorney is the single best thing you can do for yourself whenever you’re facing criminal charges. If you’d like to meet with a criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case, contact our team at The Torres Law Firm, serving those in Corpus Christi, Texas, as well as Dallas and Fort Worth.  

Possible Reasons an Innocent Person Gets Arrested  

Sadly, we hear from a fair number of clients who say, “They arrested me but I’m innocent!” While this may very well be the case, there are several factors that can call this into question, even if you know in your heart that it’s true. This could include: 

  • False accusation: Someone may knowingly accuse you of a crime as a form of retaliation or revenge.  

  • Mistaken identity: A victim may falsely believe you committed a crime, but they’ve mistaken you for the real perpetrator.  

  • Mislead by informant/complaint: Someone may have given law enforcement false information about an incident or filed a complaint about you that’s unsubstantiated.   

  • False confession: You may have been pressured or intimidated by law enforcement into giving a false confession to a crime you didn’t commit. 

  • Misused forensic science: If forensic evidence was obtained incorrectly, it could falsely point to the wrong person.  

  • Errors or bias of officers: Law enforcement may have arrested you based on their personal bias or an error.  

Understanding Probable Cause  

Any officer needs probable cause to make an arrest, which essentially means they need to be able to point to objective circumstances that led them to believe someone committed a crime. However, in many cases, the officer’s actions can be called into question because what counts as “probable cause” can be somewhat subjective. It’s important to remember that just because an officer had probable cause at the time of the arrest, doesn’t mean that it will be upheld in court. However, you still need to defend yourself. So when clients ask, “Do I need to hire an attorney if I’m innocent?”, the answer is always yes.  

Why You Need an Attorney if You Are Innocent  

There are several reasons why you should reach out to an attorney after an arrest: 

  • They’ll have a deeper understanding of the charges brought against you and how to defend against them. 

  • They know your legal rights. 

  • They can help gather evidence and call into question evidence presented by the prosecution. 

  • They’ll help you prepare you for your trial and how to answer questions from the prosecution. 

  • They’ll conduct a thorough investigation of your case. 

When to Hire an Attorney  

In most instances, you should hire an attorney as soon as possible after being arrested. In some cases, they may be able to intervene before charges are filed. Additionally, it’s your right under the Sixth Amendment to have legal counsel, and you should invoke that right as soon as you can. Once you tell the police that you don’t want to speak with them without a lawyer, they must stop interrogating you. If they continue questioning, don’t answer.  

Innocent But Facing Charges? Get an Attorney’s Help Today.  

If you’re in the Corpus Christi, Texas, area and are facing criminal charges that you’re innocent of having committed, call us right away at The Torres Law Firm for help clearing your name.